The Beakerhead Experience

I recently heard about Beakerhead and found it very interesting.

I truly believe that art and science can be combined, and it’s possible to do so through creativity.

Intrude, by Australian artist Amanda Parer, was the event that caught my attention because of its huge rabbits. I have a story on why it was important for me to capture that exhibition: it all started last month when my roommate and I spotted a couple of rabbits behind the building where we live. We both stared at them while they stared back completely frightened by our presence. I was amazed.

“Haven’t you seen a rabbit before?”, she asked. “Not in a city!”, I replied. Eventually, one of the rabbits jumped away to feel safer. I don’t blame him, we looked like giants in his eyes.

So when I saw these huge rabbits at Central Memorial Park, the roles certainly changed: now they were giants, and us humans were small. Imagine if they were for real…we would run away too, right?!

This is why Intrude is so brilliant. Humans and rabbits share some space in the city and it’s essential to learn to co-exist.

Here’s a few pictures I took with my brand new camera.

Let’s respect nature.



Hello World

New beginnings
New beginnings

Welcome to The Collector

Every week I’m trying to post content related to all the things that inspire me as well as experiences on my journey as a Journalism student.

Since I’ve been taking a Photography course, I’ve also tried to share some of the pictures I’ve taken and what happened while working on them.

There are more ideas on the way. Each day is a new opportunity to discover interests, write about them and experience them somehow. Change and curiosity are constant in life.

The Collector is a blog that’s meant to work as a portfolio, but I’m convinced I can take it further. I want to document my progress as a storyteller, photographer, observer, philosopher and citizen of the world.

Life is a journey, and I’m looking forward to sharing what I’ve been collecting in it so far.

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