Portraits and Challenges

New photography challenge: shooting portraits
New photography challenge: shooting portraits

On November 13th, I’m turning in a Photo assignment that involves portraits.

I must confess that this is challenging for me.

It’s difficult to approach strangers with a professional camera in hand. I feel they’re going to ask me to go away.

Actually, that happened a couple of weeks back. I was at a mall and introduced myself to a guy who had finished lunch. He was sitting at a table checking messages on his cell phone.

He didn’t even reply. He was just letting me speak.

When I told him that I wanted to take his picture, he stood up and said: “no, no, no…if you want, I can go sit somewhere else. Take a picture of someone else.”

That felt weird. I was amazed at how negative his response was. A single “no” was enough.

It’s an experience, anyway. Some people will say yes; some people will say no.
One moves on, right?

Now that I have this assignment, I wonder what’s in store for me.

Yes, I’ll approach strangers. I have to overcome this.
Yes, I’ll do so on my own.

I’ll let you know what happens, and hopefully I will post those pictures here.

Photo Credit: Benjamin Combs at unsplash.com


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