Portraits and Accomplishments

Jim Carson
Jim Carson

Last week I talked about how challenging it can be to shoot portraits, especially when approaching strangers.

I went for it two days ago, and I met Jim Carson.

I spotted him around the Core Shopping Centre. He was smoking while sitting on a bench.

So I told him that I was working on a project for my photography class; I needed help, blah, blah.

He said: “yeah, I can help. Do you want me to remove my clothes?”
“No, it’s okay. It’s a cold day,” I replied.

After taking the pictures, the conversation kept going. That was pretty cool because I really felt I was overcoming my fear.

He’s from New Brunswick, but has been living in Calgary for a while. Even when he already knows what to expect from the weather, he still struggles to adapt.

Jim constantly asked if I’ll do Photography for a living. I said that I’m looking for the balance between writing, photography and design.

He wished me luck and said that if he could take a course on something, that’d be on photography. He’s thinking about it.

If that happens, he hopes our paths cross again to take each other’s pictures.

I hope so, too. That would be awesome.


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