Kraftwerk played in Calgary, and I was there

The legendary music band Kraftwerk played in Calgary for the very first time in its 45-year career.

On September 17th, I enjoyed their 3D concert at the Jubilee Auditorium. I got my ticket two days before and spent a lot of money on buying a shirt as a souvenir, but I didn’t care. It’s, Kraftwerk!

Kraftwerk playing Tour de France
Kraftwerk playing Tour de France

Photo Credit: Takahiro Kyono with some rights reserved

It’s also important to note that, in that week, I ended up with less money to spend on groceries…then again, it’s Kraftwerk! It was also my first concert in Canada, the first time that I saw this band live and the first time I interviewed people in this kind of event.

I had an assignment for my writing class, so this show was the ideal topic for me to work on.

I must say that I got lucky with the interviews part. Two guys, Mike and Tony, were talking about music as they waited for the doors to open.

I took my time to join the conversation. I wasn’t sure how to introduce myself or how to tell them that I wanted to ask them a few questions.

I let it happen naturally, and soon the three of us were analyzing how Kraftwerk has influenced bands and artists like Depeche Mode, Coldplay, Joy Division and Madonna among others.

Mike, 51, said that his aunt has always been into this band. She played her Autobahn LP all the time and he just loved the music. When he learned that it was touring Canada, he didn’t hesitate to drive all the way from Winnipeg to make it in time.

Kraftwerk's LP's
Kraftwerk’s LP’s

Photo Credit: Francisco Luis Prieto with some rights reserved

On the other hand, Tony, 28, became a huge fan of the band thanks Madonna’s album Confessions on a Dance Floor. He got himself a ticket on the front raws to enjoy the 3D experience. He also chose a very unique outfit for the night: black trousers, black tie and a red long-sleeved shirt to emulate the band’s members’ clothing on the cover of the Man Machine album.

Another guy even approached him to congratulate him on that idea. It was certainly brilliant.

Although the concert didn’t last too long, the graphics and the music were perfect. I still can’t believe that I was actually there!

I went on my own; however, talking to Mike and Tony was a nurturing experience. It taught me that there’s nothing wrong with joining conversations; we all had something in common after all.

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