A magazine can change your life

My new favourite magazine
My new favourite magazine

I just discovered an amazing magazine: New Philosopher.

It is an Australian publication that’s distributed in Canada, the US, New Zealand, the UK and Western Europe.

Its concept is quiet unique: exploring philosophical ideas from the past and from the present to live a more fulfilling life.

New Philosopher caught my attention because of its title “Why do you travel?”

I like the fact that it speaks directly to YOU from the start. It’s much more personal.

Its layout is beautifully crafted and the content is deep and meaningful.

There’s two more important notes to make. This is the very first time that this happens to me after reading a magazine:

  1. Most of the articles made me take notes.
  2. I felt I was a completely different person after reading it.

The content is that great!

All the philosophical aspects are not written in a complex way. It is easy to go through every word, and start thinking about things you had not thought of before.

My favourite lines from this issue:

[Carl] Rogers’ advice for a good life is to abandon plans and fixed programs of how to act and feel, and be free to move in any direction. Let experience shape the self.

In terms of business, New Philosopher doesn’t have any ads on its pages. It is founded through subscriptions and sales at bookstores.¬†Great content will always sell itself.

I’m seriously considering a subscription and so should you.